Issue 33 – A Fab Yellow and Gray Combo That Warms Your Heart / 讓迷人的黃&灰組合融化你的心

☆  Love this perfect contrast so much that I even want to wear this dress, lean on the cushion, lie on the sofa and finish a 9″ Mille Crêpes cake from Lady M myself. Geez, that sounds great ❤ 真的很喜歡它們之間的這份完美對比,我好想穿上這件洋裝、靠著這個抱枕、臥躺在這個沙發上,自己一個人吃掉整個 9 吋的 Lady M 可麗千層蛋糕。天啊,這個想法突然聽起來好棒  XD

Yellow and gray is a fabulous color combination that I love. A warm butter yellow combined with a sophisticated white/gray flower print totally capture the essence of a sunny and cheerful-looking look and feel. In this case, white/gray flowers look very inviting with butter yellow.  黃與灰的挑配是我個人一直以來都很喜歡的色彩組合,搭配上印花可說是無敵了,在這張圖片中,溫暖的奶油黃佐以細緻的白/灰印花,巧妙地捕捉了一個陽光歡愉的感覺,而白與灰的花兒在這裡又讓奶油黃看起來更舒服迷人。也難怪無論這個組合在時尚界或居家生活佈置都倍被青睞,從時尚洋裝、名貴沙發到高級寢具,都可以看出這個黃&灰組合的吸引力。


L – Anouska Breakfast Cushion / 亮黃印花靠枕 + Wesley-Barrell Sofa / 要價14萬的沙發
R – Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look / 春裝時尚成衣系列

Left top: ©
Left bottom: ©
Right: © Juicy Couture Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look

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