Issue 23 – Anne Hathaway, a Fairy with Modern Feather Garment / 安海瑟威化身身穿現代版羽衣的仙女


L – Progne Subis / 紫崖燕
R – Anne Hathaway

Left top: © HFoxphoto on flickr
Left bottom: ©
Right: ©


什麼是羽衣? What is Feather Garment ↓ ↓ ↓

羽衣是東方神話故事裡,仙女/天女身上穿著的衣裳,通常材質十分輕柔,還會有幾道飄浮的彩帶在身邊圍繞。然而雖然它們被稱為羽衣,但可能通常不是鳥羽所製,看起來有一點像下圖那樣,所以 Anne Hathaway身上所穿的,不就正是現代版的藍色羽衣嗎?因為現代版仙女羽衣一定要緊身的啊 XD

Feather Garment is what fairies used to wear in Asian fairy tales.  It’s usually very light and silky with a few large ribbons floating in the air around the fairies.  It’s not made of feathers from birds even though it’s called ‘feather garment’. A bit similar to the picture below. That’s why we called Anne Hathaway’s dress ‘Modern Feather Garment.’ : P

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