Issue 29 – ‘Before Sunrise’ Spring Look / 《愛在黎明破曉時》

☆ ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset’ were 2 of my favorite films when I was a teenager, and I loved the script so much.   Even though now I’m more into Sci-Fi now, these 2 latest Chic Parody posts are my tribute to the movie ‘Before Sunrise’ and ‘Before Sunset.’  Enjoy!

《愛在黎明破曉時》與《愛在日落巴黎時》曾經是我小時候很喜歡的二部電影之一,每一句對白都充滿了巧思、發人深省。雖然現在我已經沉迷在科幻電影裡不自拔,但是我還是想以最新的這二篇 Chic Parody 文章來對《愛在黎明破曉時》與《愛在日落巴黎時》這二部電影致敬。


L – Beautiful Sunrise / 這簡直就是《愛在黎明破曉時》啊啊啊啊
R – Moncler Gamme Rouge Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look / 春裝時尚成衣系列

Left top: © Pete Liedtke
Left bottom: © Jpogi
Right: © Marcus Tondo /

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