Issue 28 – ‘Before Sunset’ Spring Look / 《愛在日落巴黎時》

☆ Romantic Proposal Idea #1: Gorgeous sunset walk on the beach w/ a good timing and your whisper “Will you marry me?”Hmmm… big hassle? Well, I guess you can also hire someone to wear this dress and propose right in front of it. Same! Gorgeous sunset and beautiful view!

每個人都知道的浪漫求婚小撇步 #1: 絢麗奪目的夕陽沙灘漫步,加上一個絕妙時機與你的輕聲細語「嫁給我好嗎?」什麼?你嫌麻煩!?好吧,那你也是可以找個人穿這件洋裝,然後在它面前向女友求婚的啦…?


L – Beautiful Sunset / 這怎麼可能不是《愛在日落巴黎時》
R – Moncler Gamme Rouge Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look / 春裝時尚成衣系列

Left top: © 坂本秀德
Left bottom: ©
Right: © Marcus Tondo /

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