Issue 39 – Scarlet Ibis, Alexander McQueen’s Huge Fan / 紅鷺小姐是亞歷山大 · 麥昆的頭號粉絲!

☆ I love Alexander McQueen. I like Siri Tollerød. I heart Scarlet Ibis. This issue is a very interesting combination of coincidences and I enjoy putting this issue together. Happy 2012 everyone! / 一直以來我都很迷 Alexander McQueen,也喜歡看見 Siri Tollerød 這個挪威模特兒,也總是覺得紅鷺身上的顏色真是好看極了,沒想到這是個充滿了巧合的一期,讓我也做的很開心。大家2012新年快樂!☆


L – Scarlet Ibis(Eudocimus ruber) / 紅鷺(或稱朱鷺)
R – Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look / 春裝時尚成衣系列

Left: © Steve Wilson
Right: © Marcus Tondo /

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