Issue 36 – Sweet Sweet Candy-striped Fashion / 甜到化不開的糖果條紋時尚

☆ This tiny little bug is often called “Candy-striped leafhopper or Redbanded Leafhopper.” It’s very easy to overlooked, but unforgettable once seen because of its sweet candy-striped pattern! Candy-striped leafhopper V.S. candy-striped dress, which one is sweeter? / 這隻可愛的迷你小蟲子叫做紅帶葉蟬,英文裡還有一個更可愛的別名是「糖果條紋葉蟬」,因為她真的很小所以很容易被忽略,但是只要看過她就會難以忘記,因為她身上的糖果花紋太可愛了。糖果條紋葉蟬、糖果條紋洋裝,真是甜到化不開的時尚啊。


L – Candy-striped leafhopper or Redbanded Leafhopper / 紅帶葉蟬
R – Talbots Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look / 春裝時尚成衣系列

Left top: © Jim Gilbert
Left bottom: © Patrick from Land To Sea Photography
Right: © Talbots Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear Look

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